Managing the journey to enrollment in higher education

Azorus enables higher education institutions to transform their enrollment processes by providing CRM capabilities focused on increasing both the number and quality of students. Since 2002 Azorus has provided state-of-the-art CRM technology with sound recruitment strategies that transform the way universities & colleges attract and enrol prospective students.

Azorus serves a wide array of institutions in the US, Europe and Canada.

Singolar is helping Azorus to harness the power of the platform to help their customers (Universities) recruit more of the “right” students. Singolar assimilates Azorus CRM Student Acquisition data including emails, web interactions, campaigns, events/fairs, applicant data, student demography and automatically predicts the probability of students enrolling at the institution (Probability to Convert and Probability to Yield scores) and also recommends the “right” students to target for interventions. Every potential applicant is continuously scored based on changes made to the application even before it is submitted.

As costs rise and funding shrinks, educators and administrators in Universities need deeper insights into which approaches work in order to make better use of the marketing budgets. Continuous and automated machine learning technologies in Singolar is helping Azorus in offering better student conversion capabilities in the global higher education market.


Better Click Through Rates: Targeted Digital Advertising

Prim3Time is a Digital Advertising company based in Malaysia. They partner service providers and operators in the region to turn their Wi-Fi, mobile Internet and broadband networks into powerful digital ad publishing platforms. The voice ARPU for the Service Providers has been on a continuous decline worldwide. With shrinking revenues and increased competition from digital companies in owning the customer, Service Providers have a motivation to develop more revenue streams from advertising and marketing. Singolar is helping Prim3Time Media in creating powerful means to target subscribers/ users much better.

Singolar assimilates Wi-FI/ Mobile Internet data including Customer demography, location, browsing behaviour, ad actions etc to predict the best possible advertising content to be served to every user at real time. Singolar learns continuously from data and is able to detect changes in “user” behavioural patterns to always come up with the best possible prediction. Singolar goes above and beyond traditional segmentation schemes in understanding every user/ subscriber much better. It provides powerful capabilities to the advertisers in being able to target “who”, “when”, “where” with the right content for maximising the monetization potential. In today’s digital landscape this level of targeting is no longer “nice to have”