Singolar, a Wolfville, N.S., startup that uses advanced intelligence to help companies improve client interactions has been selected to attend the Canadian Technology Accelerator in Silicon Valley this winter.

The company – which now has two clients and is working on its first funding round – has developed algorithms that can help companies to better understand how to interact customers. It therefore helps these companies to deepen customer relationships and attract new customers.

By being one of 12 companies attending the CTA in Northern California, Singolar hopes to reach more American customers.

“The accelerator will provide a huge advantage for Singolar to grow in the U.S.,” said company co-founder and CEO Suman Kalyan in a statement. “It’s providing excellent support to start ups like Singolar to sell their products and services globally.”

The Canadian consular service operates the CTA program at a number of embassies and consulates around the world, and the main ones in the U.S. are in Silicon Valley, Boston and New York City. The programs allow Canadian companies to work in these centres for several months and interact with mentors and potential clients in these market.

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By attending the CTA in the world’s largest tech market, Singolar will be in the program that benefits companies with deep IT capabilities. Singolar’s technology tracks customer interaction with a company at a range of points in the customer experience. That includes the customers’ contact with the call centre, on social media, through the website or other interactions.

“It’s a very new concept so we evolved it to take into account the entire customer journey,” said Kalyan in an interview. He described the program as being like “a conversational engine” so the marketing department can ask questions about their customers and Singolar will provide answers.

One client is Halifax-based Azorus, which helps post-secondary institutions communicate with incoming students and their families. The two companies are piloting enhanced customer relationship management, or CRM recruitment tool with three universities: Warwick and Leicester in the U.K., and Ryerson in Toronto. Once they have finished these tests, they hope to sell the software to universities and colleges around the world.

Singolar also has a client in Malaysia, which is using the technology to improve its mobile ads.

A native of India, Kalyan spent 18 years in a number of technology roles around the world, for blue chip companies and startups, and working as a consultant. In 2013, he and his family come to Nova Scotia and he began to work with Danny Silver, Director of the Acadia Institute for Data Analytics, to become a tenant in the Rural Innovation Centre.

“Suman and his team at Singolar offer a unique blend of technical and business knowledge and experience in the areas of data analytics and business intelligence,” said Silver in the statement. “They understand how to capture, analyze and extract business insights from customer data that has been acquired from multiple channels of interaction with a company.”

The company now has seven employees, including a co-founder and sales lead in Denver. The team is now working on raising its first round of funding with a target of $1 million.

“We are looking at two or three investors to come in,” said Kalyan. “We’ve been talking to investors in Silicon Valley and we also think there will be investors from India.”

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